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Opal Creek - My Last Goodbye

My Last Goodbye
Opal Creek

$12, Free Shipping


Opal Creek EP

Opal Creek EP
$10, Free Shipping


Meet The Band

The Band

Formed in the summer of 2008, Opal Creek has been electrifying audiences with their hot, spicy bluegrass tunes. They can be heard playing solid and lively traditional songs as well as originals they've thrown in the mix.

Robin Carl

Banjo, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Robin started playing music when she was young (you should have heard her rock out on the recorder in grade school!). She later moved on to piano but broke her teacher's heart when she found her true calling... the Tuba. Thus began her love affair with unusual instruments.

Tanya Bunson


Tanya was first introduced to the violin at age 6. In college she realized that her violin could double up as a fiddle and a whole new world of musical possibilities opened up before her. She has delved into a plethora of musical styles including Klezmer, Irish, Indian, and of course bluegrass. Tanya considers herself a non-traditionalist and is always looking for creative ways to add a bit of hot, sizzling, spicy fiddle to the mix.

Chelsea Mattson

Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Chelsea decided at a young age that she would learn to play as many musical instruments as possible and dabbled in playing the piano, harmonica, cello, trumpet, drums and saxophone before discovering the acoustic guitar. At 13 she began focusing her musical ambitions toward becoming an electric guitarist in a famous rock band until she realized that she found acoustic music much more appealing.

Michael Bray

Stand-up Bass, Vocals

With a grandpa on banjo, a dad on guitar and a brother who sings, there was no escaping it, Mike was bound to be a musician. After first exploring the trumpet and guitar, Mike found his passion playing the bass. He has toured all over N. America and Europe pleasing audiences with his electric and stand-up bass and his vocal back ups. He toured with country artist "Alexis" opening for such acts as Keith Urban and Le Anne Rimes. Now he's home in Eugene playing bluegrass with The Green Mountain Bluegrass Band and the sassiest, grassiest band in town...Opal Creek.

Sam Weiss


Sam, New Mexican raised, started playing piano when he was 6 years old but his world changed forever at the age of 8 when he heard the fiddle for the first time. By the age of 9, Sam started his exploration into the world of fiddle but did not discover bluegrass until his senior year of high school. Since then he has played with the Squash Blossom Boys, Mossytop, Green Mountain Bluegrass Band, and most recently on the mandolin with Opal Creek.